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A 8/01/2018 Yelp review said:

"Candace fixed me. I had pain running through my shoulder into my arm for 4 weeks. A chiropractor said I needed 12 visits. After 2 I wasn't feeling any better. I got an M1 massage on back shoulders. It was more intense than I would've asked for but it was just what I needed. 24 hrs later I feel better than I have in a month."  - RY, Kirkwood Atl

"Candace has a special talent for knowing just where to target. I prefer deep tissue and she has gifted hands. Her foot massage is to die for. I will always choose her table over anyone else's." - Marie Stanley., Suwanee GA

"Candace has a healing touch. I have chronic pain issues and a session with her is truly therapy. Magic hands!" - M. Smith (Google)

"Found Candace by accident, but so glad I did. She worked some magic on my shoulder. Not sure how but hasn't felt this good in a while. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Her prices were great too." - D. Mayer (Google)


"Candace is a phenomenal licensed clinical massage therapist in Greater Atlanta and North Georgia!! She is very skilled and knowledgeable, the best I've ever been to." - Beverly Taylor (Google)

"Candace was really professional and explained everything we needed to know about our massage. I felt like a new person after my massage. Well worth it and will definitely be going again." - Estella Hernandez (Facebook 2019)

"Couldn't ask for a better massage therapist!" - Mark Baker (Facebook 2019)

My first ever massage & it was amazing! I was a little hesitant at first but Candace made me feel so relaxed and so comfortable. She is so sweet and kind. Thank you for the awesome service ❤️ I will be back for sure ! - Danielle Sullivan (Facebook 2019)

She’s so great, my first massage and it was amazing. Very sweet and nice and I will definitely come again. It was so worth it & great service! She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. - Alexis Delilah Hernandez (Facebook 2019)